Cherishing Life

In 2004, the Bishops of England and Wales released a document called Cherishing Life. It examined in detail our roles and responsibilities as Catholics to live well and uphold our God-given human dignity and that of those around us.

The document focused on a wide range of subjects from marriage and the family, to morality, sexuality and bioethics. The Church’s teaching on abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, love and relationships, embryo experimentation and medical research are explained in Cherishing Life.

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor wrote:

“In our society, there are many signs of the ways in which human life is cherished; respect for those who live with disability, debate about adequate healthcare for the elderly and widespread concern for the protection of children from harm. The majority of people wish to live in a society where the values of honesty, trust and integrity enable us to flourish as individuals and with others. Such values require the building of an ethos of life that protects persons from womb to tomb, especially the most vulnerable.”


Cherishing Life (2004)

Cherishing Life Study Guide (2004)