Prayers of the Faithful

The psalmist sings that the heavens and the earth declare the glory of God. Confident that God listens to even the smallest of his creatures, we pray…

For God’s faithful people who are one in Christ. That we may continually grow in praise and thanksgiving for all the wonders that He has given us. Lord, hear us…

For those who work for ecological justice and peace in the world.That they may inspire in others a love for creation and a reverential care for our common home. Lord, hear us….

For people who are disabled or sick. That their presence in our communities may lead to a greater sense of care and friendship, and a deeper appreciation of the unique gifts that each person brings with them. Lord, hear us….

For the dying. That they may peacefully learn to let go of the beauty and joys of this world, for the beauty and joy beyond compare that is to come. Lord, hear us…

For those who have died. That they may find their final rest in paradise where there will be no more sorrow but only peace and joy with their loving Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Almighty God, Creator Lord,
Who presents the world to us as a gift and as our common home, and entrusts us with the care of other human beings who are also gifts for us as we are gifts for them, grant that we may see others as brothers and sisters in Christ, and that we may strive to protect and cherish life so that all may be all in You.